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What is Raspberry Pi ?
Raspberry Pi is a popular single board nanocomputer enabling industrial, professional, as well as DIY projects from Linux / Android lowcost credit card size board
Telecom and Telephony application of Raspberry Pi :
Among application getting the most from embedded features from Raspberry Pi boards, TELECOM and TELEPHONE application with Raspberry Pi are very attractive applications
RASPBERRY.TEL promotes Raspberry Pi applications of yours for Telecom and Telephony that you might suggest to us, and also promotes the use of dot TEL domain names and data in the DNS technology
Asterisk is nice to have over Raspberry Pi for CTI
Thanks to the ability to easily install a server with Linux and Asterisk PBX software package or other VOIP clients on such tiny but powerful Raspberry Pi boards
Office IP PBX, Office or Home Automation solutions :
Installed and deployed in your office or at home, Raspberry Pi TELECOM projects open new horizons for Office IP PBX, Office or Home Automation solutions
Usecases :
Usecase includes Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions , CTI and other telecom Gateways, as well as Automation solutions including telecommunications or remote communications means.
dot TELs for Raspberry Pi apps using Domain Name Server
DotTEL appears to well fit customized simple domain name interface or access needs, for your Telecom projects with Raspberry Pi, in addition to your digital web identity or presence.
Links, links, links
Whether a beginner or an advanced Raspi user, here is a first set of links to help you to start with, or to digg for further advanced topics.
Suggest more links :
Feel free to kindly suggest us more links relevant to TELECOM , Domain Name application ,Telephony and CTI, IoT application, ... related to Raspberry Pi
Promote FREE links to your Tutorials for Raspberry Pi regarding TELECOM
We will also be happy to build links to relevant completed tutorial leading to interesting projects related to such TELECOM , CTI , Domain Name Server technology or TELEPHONY matters.
Raspberry Pi ressource from Wikipedia, in english
Raspberry Pi référence sur Wikipedia en Français
Give a TEL to your Home or SoHo IPBX deployed over Raspberry PI (FR) :
GSM Gateway with Asterisk on Raspberry Pi for dual SIM Mirrored communication
ASTERISK & FreePBX implementation for IVR and GSM Gateway over Raspberry
For dot TEL discovery , private data hosting capability in the DNS , suitable for Home Automation web interface suitable for your wife, your children, your gardener , from their mobile phone
For a nice looking packed TEL for your new business identity and your Raspberry Pi IP PBX extensions, check now availability of a relevant name
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